The Naked Scientists are very grateful to leading UK webhosts UKFast, who provide dedicated server facilities and bandwidth to deliver this website and our suite of Naked Scientists Podcasts.

When podcasting took off in 2005-2006, the Naked Scientists Podcast was at the front of it and our bandwidth demands hit 4 terabytes (TB) per month. But with success came the threat of having to cease operations. At the time, very few hosting providers were capable of handling such a massive demand in a cost-effective way. 

Thankfully, in June 2006, UKFast managing director Lawrence Jones stepped in to help after UKFast's sales director Jonathan Bowers spotted our predicament.

“We aim to operate at the cutting-edge of the IT industry in order to deliver solutions that serve the communication needs of tomorrow. The Naked Scientists have set the benchmark and our sponsorship allows us to lead the way with new technologies that can further our clients’ development,” explains Jones.

"Podcasting is rapidly emerging as a popular media for businesses and the form offers great opportunities for all organisations to present their expertise on a friendly and personal level. More than this, we'd like all our clients to emulate the Naked Scientists, safe in the knowledge that their websites will not buckle under the strain of popularity.” says Jones.

UKFast have won ISPA "Best Hosting Provider" for the last 3 years running. They are on the web at

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