Who Are We?

Ben Valsler


While teaching science in North East Thailand, Ben Valsler realised just how exciting and interesting communicating science could be. Taking the opportunity to produce and present the "English Hour" on Thai local radio, it dawned on him to combine the science with the radio, and he's never looked back.

A zoologist by training with a Master's degree in Science Communication, Ben joined the Naked Scientists in April 2007 as a producer, making sure the main Naked Scientists show broadcast on time with an array of fascinating guests. Initially devising and presenting kitchen science experiments with Dave, he later left his comfort zone to produce & present the Naked Astronomy podcast.

Highlights of Ben's time at the Naked Scientists include interviewing Sir Terry Pratchett and Benedict Cumberbatch, exploring human origins in South Africa with Lee Berger and working with Rolls Royce to ignite an unrealised interest in materials science.


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