Who Are We?

Duncan Howitt-Marshall


Duncan is a doctoral researcher in archaeology at Cambridge. His research interests include Aegean and Cypriot prehistory, underwater archaeology, pre-classical seafaring, and maritime cultural landscapes. To date, he has directed five seasons of underwater survey along the western and southern coastlines of Cyprus. His PhD thesis focuses on how maritime trade and exchange affected the socio-political and economic establishment of southwest Cyprus during the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Duncan got involved with Naked Archaeology in April 2009 when he gave an interview on his current research in Cyprus. Since then he has finished a project with Dr. Albert Ammerman on the earliest seafaring in the Mediterranean, which should appear on your televisions shortly! After the PhD Duncan is returning to the eastern Mediterranean to start an experimental archaeology project that aims to recreate the journey of the first seafarers from the Levant to Cyprus in the epi-Palaeolithic c. 12,000 years ago.


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