Who Are We?

Helen Scales

Helen Scales (c) Helen Scales

Helen is a marine biologist based in Cambridge. She’s the one who talks about fish and the oceans a lot on the show – seems she has a thing about them. In her book, Poseidon’s Steed (published August 2009) she explores the lives of some of her most favourite fish, the ever-enchanting seahorses.

She studied for a PhD at Cambridge and has lived and dived in various corners of the tropics, researching rare coral reef fish. She is now a consultant working with conservation organizations on the international wildlife trade – fish especially – something she’s published scientific papers on. She also writes articles for the Naked Scientists website, Geographical magazine and National Geographic News. And when she’s not behind the microphone or working to save the world’s dwindling fish stocks, you might even spot her on the Argentine Tango dance floor. If you want to find out more visit her website HelenScales.com.


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