Who Are We?

Tom Birch


Tom started burying himself in archaeology in his home town of Cambridge when he was 16. Since then, he has taken part in fieldwork at different sites from different periods in different places. Tom has enjoyed Gravettian period sites in the Czech Republic, helping reconsolidate a Scottish broch, wandering along valleys in Pre-Hispanic Peru, digging deep into a Neolithic Tell site in Turkey, uncovering Roman cisterns and Etruscan cuniculi in Italy, as well as trundling around prehistoric and medieval sites in England. He will dig at almost every opportunity.

Tom is the ‘backyard archaeologist’ for Naked Archaeology, where he contributes on a variety of different things related to archaeology (except when he is away digging!). Other than eating with his fork and knife the wrong way round, Tom likes to campaign for real ale, except when it’s a hot summer’s day and he betrays his morals for a crisp lager.


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