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  • The truth about gluten

    Thu, 24th Mar 2016

    Is gluten really something we should all be cutting from our diets? And just what causes ...

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    Unpacking the Human Genome Project

    Wed, 16th Jun 2004

    Hold the front page! Some white-coated genius somewhere has found a gene for violence: su...

  • What is Love?

    Thu, 11th Feb 2010

    “Love is the drug and I need to score,” sang Bryan Ferry in the seventies, earning him a ...

  • The Ion Channel: Through the Keyhole

    Mon, 20th Oct 2008

    Ion channels are miniature pores in the membranes of cells. They're the gatekeepers contr...

  • Genes for Bigger Brains

    Wed, 12th Apr 2006

    Humans have exceptionally large and complex brains. Ruth has a look at two genes, that se...

  • Hitchhikers guide to Science

    Wed, 5th Apr 2006

    Genes make you what you are. All living things have them (humans have about 25,000) and t...

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