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  • The future of food

    Sun, 9th Oct 2016

    Would you eat insects to save the planet and improve your health?

  • The truth about gluten

    Thu, 24th Mar 2016

    Is gluten really something we should all be cutting from our diets? And just what causes ...

  • Food Date Coding Decoded

    Mon, 7th Nov 2011

    Dating codes are placed on food to indicate the food is safe to eat before this date. But...

  • Lost your bottle?

    Thu, 19th Apr 2007

    Whether you love or loath the white stuff, it is unavoidable on your TV and in your paper...

  • The Art of The Barbecue

    Wed, 24th May 2006

    Although the summer appears to have ended, I thought I would deal with something that pro...

  • What's On The Menu ?

    Wed, 7th Sep 2005

    The Chilean Sea Bass, or Patagonian Toothfish, is a very tasty fish particularly popular ...

  • Why drink Wine ?

    Wed, 29th Jun 2005

    I am supposed to write about one of my great passions, drinking wine.

  • Ricin : The Secret Assassin

    Wed, 11th May 2005

    The recently discovered traces of ricin in a makeshift laboratory in a flat in London hav...

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