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  • 4 ‘Immortals’ that Died

    Fri, 17th Apr 2015

    Death is a terrifying thought to many people: Is the best solution just to become immorta...

  • Antibiotic Resistance

    Thu, 19th Mar 2015

    Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to the modern world, is there anything that can...

  • Dog doctors

    Tue, 30th Dec 2014

    Our four-legged friends prove they truly are man's best friend by lending a paw in sniffi...

  • Help! There's a worm in my brain

    Tue, 2nd Dec 2014

    Hear from the scientists who discovered and identified a worm inside a man's brain, and h...

  • Sleep on it!

    Wed, 19th Mar 2014

    What does sleep do to your ability to make new memories? Alice Kay investigates...

  • Alpha Shock

    Wed, 25th Dec 2013

    It is London in the year 2037, and the artificial fog rolls off the Thames. A successful...

  • Chronotherapeutics

    Thu, 19th Dec 2013

    The emerging field of chronotherapeutics seeks to align drug treatments with an individua...

  • Teaching old dogs new tricks

    Thu, 12th Dec 2013

    Do you find it harder to learn and adapt to new things than you once did? Do you find you...

  • When the Immune System Fails

    Sun, 24th Oct 2010

    Unless you’re shot in the head or hit by a bus, your immune system has a major and direct...

  • What is Love?

    Thu, 11th Feb 2010

    “Love is the drug and I need to score,” sang Bryan Ferry in the seventies, earning him a ...

  • Don't Worry, be Happy!

    Tue, 29th Dec 2009

    We’re all searching for happiness, but do we really know what this is or where to find it...

  • Tripping over Psychoactive Toads

    Tue, 13th Oct 2009

    For anyone fresh out of frogs and tempted to kiss a toad instead, this article has a word...

  • The Immune System: Part 1

    Mon, 2nd Jun 2008

    Every day our bodies are assailed by microbes of all descriptions, but for the most part ...

  • What IQ Tests Can't Tell You

    Tue, 22nd Apr 2008

    I.Q. scores have been rising steadily, by about 3 points per decade, ever since they were...

  • Science in the Lap of Luxury

    Sat, 1st Mar 2008

    The feasibility of a female oestrus amongst humans had been dismissed by the masses. But ...

  • The Science of Linguistics

    Mon, 14th Jan 2008

    So what exactly is linguistics? Is it all about tape recorders, tongue twisters and dropp...

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