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  • Sleep on it!

    Wed, 19th Mar 2014

    What does sleep do to your ability to make new memories? Alice Kay investigates...

  • I Remember It Well...

    Mon, 24th Sep 2012

    Your memories may be less reliable than you think. Research has shown that not only do ou...

  • Don't Worry, be Happy!

    Tue, 29th Dec 2009

    We’re all searching for happiness, but do we really know what this is or where to find it...

  • Tripping over Psychoactive Toads

    Tue, 13th Oct 2009

    For anyone fresh out of frogs and tempted to kiss a toad instead, this article has a word...

  • What IQ Tests Can't Tell You

    Tue, 22nd Apr 2008

    I.Q. scores have been rising steadily, by about 3 points per decade, ever since they were...

  • The Science of Linguistics

    Mon, 14th Jan 2008

    So what exactly is linguistics? Is it all about tape recorders, tongue twisters and dropp...

  • Seeing Red

    Wed, 3rd May 2006

    One day someone will write a book that explains consciousness. The book will put forward ...

  • Are we Getting Smarter?

    Wed, 15th Mar 2006

    For the last 75 years the average IQ test score has been increasing in every industriali...

  • Sleep Paralysis

    Wed, 1st Mar 2006

    Sleep paralysis researcher Julia Santomauro explores the phenomenon of sleep paralysis in...

  • Science of Love - Cupid's Chemistry

    Tue, 14th Feb 2006

    Claire McLoughlin describes the chemistry of love and what happens when we fall in love, ...

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