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  • Do we have free will?

    Thu, 9th Jun 2016

    What do two separate fields of science say regarding the existence of free will?

  • The Winter Fortress

    Wed, 1st Jun 2016

    How the Nazis were stopped from obtaining "heavy water", an ingredient key in making an a...

  • Vile-din? Certainly Not!

    Tue, 6th Nov 2007

    Ask anyone who made the world’s best violins and they’ll inevitably answer "Stradivari". ...

  • The Art of The Barbecue

    Wed, 24th May 2006

    Although the summer appears to have ended, I thought I would deal with something that pro...

  • Creationism vs. Science

    Wed, 26th Apr 2006

    The battle between Science and Religion has left us with a choice: faith in God or belie...

  • Stress and the Scientist

    Tue, 28th Mar 2006

    This article illustrates the kind of scientist you might encounter in a lab. Understandin...

  • Why drink Wine ?

    Wed, 29th Jun 2005

    I am supposed to write about one of my great passions, drinking wine.

  • Britain's Sexist Scientists

    Wed, 26th Jan 2005

    A report was published warning that Britain's prosperity will suffer if the government d...

  • The Science of Wine Tasting

    Wed, 11th Aug 2004

    I am organising a public event in Oxford entitled "The Science of Wine Tasting". I though...

  • But How do we Know it's True

    Wed, 21st Jul 2004

    How can you be sure the wonderful facts and figures we science writers tell you are genui...

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