Physics Articles

  • Steeling the Show

    Sun, 14th Oct 2012

    What is steel? How have the production methods for making it changed over hundreds of yea...

  • Bright Future for Solar Cells

    Sat, 14th Jul 2012

    In a world with ever-increasing energy demands and pollution, clean and abundant energy i...

  • Making Metals Take the Heat

    Tue, 18th Oct 2011

    The inside of a modern aircraft jet engine is a harsh and complex environment, but the dr...

  • CSI Swansea

    Wed, 6th Jul 2011

    CSI has come to Swansea. But rather than solving murders, for a team at the University's ...

  • Making Metals Stronger

    Thu, 21st Apr 2011

    Countless atomic recipes and crystal arrangements mean there are literally trillions of p...

  • The Superalloys

    Wed, 6th Apr 2011

    Spinning hundreds of times per second and carrying a load equivalent to the weight of a f...

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