Physics Interviews

Physics Interviews
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    What is sound?

    Mon, 8th Dec 2014

    What is sound, and how is it produced and how can computer trickery change the voice?

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    How did life get started on Earth?

    Mon, 15th Dec 2014

    Using a laser to recreate comet and asteroid impacts on the early Earth, scientists have ...

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    The physics of toenail-cutting

    Mon, 27th Oct 2014

    How should you shape your nails? Physicists have been calculating the optimal frequency...

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    Space tourism

    Thu, 23rd Oct 2014

    The space age is upon us, with Virgin Galactic offering tickets to space for $250,000 but...

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    Super sewers and fatbergs

    Mon, 20th Oct 2014

    Waste is contaminating the river Thames. To stop this, a new super sewer is being built...

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    Powerful vibrations

    Wed, 1st Oct 2014

    Tiny sensors that harvest energy from passing cars, people or even the flow of your blo...

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