Physics Interviews

Physics Interviews
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    Big Bang dustup

    Fri, 26th Sep 2014

    Planck has published data which might contradict BICEP's claimed discovery of gravity w...

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    Johannes Kepler, c. 1610 (c) Unknown artist


    Kepler the Man and Kepler the Mission

    Fri, 10th Aug 2012

    The Kepler mission has found over 2000 candidate exoplanets, yet Johannes Kepler's own co...

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    The Tokamak Method

    Tue, 2nd Sep 2014

    The Joint European Torus initiative and what it means for the future of energy...

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    What Lit Up The Universe?

    Mon, 1st Sep 2014

    Scientists using quasars - massive black holes - to understand the origin of light in o...

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    Life on Mars

    Tue, 26th Aug 2014

    Did our closest planetary neighbour ever habour life? And how would we ever find it?

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    Problem solving lasers

    Tue, 26th Aug 2014

    Lasers are helping to create energy by using the suns rays.

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    Levitating Trains

    Mon, 30th Jun 2014

    Superconductors are the key to magnetic levitation, from people on platforms to entire tr...

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    The physics of football

    Tue, 24th Jun 2014

    However much you might blame Rooney or Gerrard for England’s recent football disasters, a...

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    Radiation shields in space

    Tue, 17th Jun 2014

    One of the biggest dangers of long distance space travel are flares of radiation bursting...

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    Building with bamboo

    Mon, 28th Apr 2014

    Could we use bamboo in order to make housing across the world more environmentally friend...

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    Breathing Buildings

    Mon, 28th Apr 2014

    Breathing Buildings, are a Cambridge company who’ve come up with a way to much more effic...

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