Physics Interviews

Physics Interviews
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    What is Nuclear Fusion?

    Tue, 2nd Sep 2014

    What is nuclear fusion? Many of us might have heard the term kicked around before but ...

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    The Tokamak Method

    Tue, 2nd Sep 2014

    The Joint European Torus initiative and what it means for the future of energy...

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    What Lit Up The Universe?

    Mon, 1st Sep 2014

    Scientists using quasars - massive black holes - to understand the origin of light in o...

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    Life on Mars

    Tue, 26th Aug 2014

    Did our closest planetary neighbour ever habour life? And how would we ever find it?

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    Racing aerodynamically

    Tue, 8th Jul 2014

    We visit the wind tunnel which cyclists Wiggins and Froome use to perfect their racing po...

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    Levitating Trains

    Mon, 30th Jun 2014

    Superconductors are the key to magnetic levitation, from people on platforms to entire tr...

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    The physics of football

    Tue, 24th Jun 2014

    However much you might blame Rooney or Gerrard for England’s recent football disasters, a...

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