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    The Legacy of John Snow

    Thu, 14th Mar 2013

    Medical Historian Richard Barnett tells the story of the epidemiologist John Snow and ask...

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    7000 Year Old Cheese

    Tue, 18th Dec 2012

    This week, scientists have uncovered residues of 7,000-year-old cheese. Chemist Professo...

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    The earliest Arctic settlements

    Thu, 13th Sep 2012

    Kate Britton at the University of Aberdeen, has been investigating an abandoned Arctic se...

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    Still Curious about Mars...

    Fri, 17th Aug 2012

    We delve into the history of Mars exploration, finding out why the Red Planet has capture...

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    Kepler the Man and Kepler the Mission

    Fri, 10th Aug 2012

    The Kepler mission has found over 2000 candidate exoplanets, yet Johannes Kepler's own co...

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    Citizen Scientists - How Volunteers Further Scientific Research

    Thu, 2nd Aug 2012

    Many thousands of people have given their time and energy to projects like Galaxy Zoo - c...

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    World War Two and the Jet Engine

    Fri, 20th Jul 2012

    World War Two saw huge developments in aero engines, from the Merlin that powered the Hur...

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    Commemorating Gemini 3

    Tue, 10th Jul 2012

    We look back at the miisions that led to Man reaching the Moon. First, the Gemini 3 miss...

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    Improving Education

    Mon, 18th Jun 2012

    Is science education up to scratch? Universities have complained that the A-Level curric...

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