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  • The Sound Stretcher - Sourcing Stereo Sound

    Thu, 18th Apr 2013

    How do we locate the source of a sound? This experiment explains one of the main ways...

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    Dark Flames

    Mon, 28th Sep 2009

    It sounds like something out of a horror film, but this is a lovely experiment which make...

  • Mysterious forces - Eddy Currents

    Fri, 24th Sep 2010

    Here is a lovely little experiment you can do if you can get hold of a small rare earth s...

  • Cloud Chamber

    Mon, 12th Jul 2010

    A really classic physics experiment that helped to understand some of the most fundamenta...

  • Phosphorus Moon

    Thu, 27th Aug 2009

    Dr Hal brought along another classic chemistry experiment, the phosphorus moon, with rath...

  • Exploding Eggs - Burning Hydrogen

    Thu, 27th Aug 2009

    Hydrogen is an extremely flammable gas, but what happens if you fill an egg with it, ligh...

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