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    Sucking an egg into a bottle

    Sun, 6th Apr 2008

    With the power of air pressure, force an egg into a bottle, and then try to work out how ...

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    Fizzy Yeast

    Sun, 30th Mar 2008

    Find out what makes bread rise and champagne fizzy in this simple kitchen science.

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    Vacuum Powered Bazooka

    Sun, 16th Mar 2008

    Build a vacuum cleaner powered bazooka and launch projectiles across your garden.

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    Balloons on a Tube

    Sun, 9th Mar 2008

    Find out why it is so hard to start blowing up a balloon and what it has to do with bubbl...

  • Harmonic Knives

    Mon, 3rd Mar 2008

    Make more sounds out of a humble kitchen knife than you thought possible, by the power of...

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    Blowing on bottles

    Sun, 2nd Mar 2008

    Discover the musical properties of a few old bottles...

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    Blood Circulation

    Sun, 17th Feb 2008

    Do one of the experiments that helped to convince doctors that blood actually circulates ...

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    Which is Diet?

    Sun, 10th Feb 2008

    If you are ever in a foreign country and don't know which can of drink is the sugary one,...

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    Remote Interference

    Sun, 3rd Feb 2008

    You know you can use your remote control to save you the immense effort of getting out of...

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    Inverted Bucket

    Sun, 27th Jan 2008

    Have a bucket full of water upside down over your head, and stay dry!

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    Seeing Remotes

    Sun, 20th Jan 2008

    If you have ever wondered how a remote control communicates with a TV? Well here is your ...

  • Make an Infra Red Camera

    Sun, 20th Jan 2008

    See the world from a completely different point of view using an old webcam and some expo...

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    Straw Oboe

    Sun, 13th Jan 2008

    Can a drinking straw be a musical instrument? Here is how to make a very simple if annoyi...

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    Levitating plastic bags

    Sun, 6th Jan 2008

    Amaze your friends by making a piece of plastic levitate using nothing more sophisticated...

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    Butter Side Down

    Sun, 16th Dec 2007

    Are you the sort of person who finds that whenever you knock some toast off the table it ...

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    Flying Tubes

    Mon, 10th Dec 2007

    Make an old kitchen,or toilet, roll tube fly and find out what it has to do with David Be...

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    Stopping fogging

    Sun, 9th Dec 2007

    We show you how to stop your mirrors, glasses windows etc. from fogging up in one easy st...

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    Strange Textures

    Sun, 2nd Dec 2007

    Confuse your sense of touch with this very easy experiment

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    When to add the milk

    Sun, 11th Nov 2007

    We were asked whether if you are going to leave your tea for a while should you add the m...

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    Jumping Flames

    Sun, 4th Nov 2007

    Make a flame jump several centimetres using just a humble candle.

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    Magnets and TVs

    Sun, 21st Oct 2007

    In a 'only do at home if you don't like your TV' experiment find out what a TV has in com...

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    Build your own Compass

    Sun, 14th Oct 2007

    Build your own navigational aid from stuff you could find in your kitchen.

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    Waterproof Hanky

    Sun, 30th Sep 2007

    A handkerchief is not something you think of as very waterproof. Find out how waterproof ...

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    Make your own Electromagnet

    Sun, 23rd Sep 2007

    Make yourself an electromagnet powered by a small battery and find out some of the myster...

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    Separating Books

    Sun, 9th Sep 2007

    Using nothing but a tiny bit of friction stick two books together so you can't pull them ...

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    Warping Wineglasses

    Sun, 2nd Sep 2007

    Amaze your friends at a party by making some really strange sounds from a wineglass.

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    Floating a Needle

    Sun, 22nd Jul 2007

    Float steel on water with nothing more sophisticated than a piece of toilet paper.

  • Raising Raisins

    Sun, 8th Jul 2007

    Why do raisins always rise to the top of a box of muesli?

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    Cup Fountain

    Sun, 1st Jul 2007

    Make a fountain, and some fascinating patterns with a polystyrene cup and a piece of carp...

  • Coke Can Eruption

    Sun, 24th Jun 2007

    Does tapping the top of a can keep you safe from a fizz eruption?

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    Jamming Rice

    Sun, 3rd Jun 2007

    Find out how to pick up a jar of rice without touching the jar, and what it has to do w...

  • Red Cabbage Litmus

    Sat, 2nd Jun 2007

    Make some cabbage juice and find out it's unexpectedly colourful properties.

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    Measuring the Speed of Light

    Sun, 27th May 2007

    Measure the highest speed possible in this universe, just using objects you could find ...

  • Crisp Packet Fireworks

    Mon, 21st May 2007

    Produce fireworks in your kitchen, using nothing more than a crisp packet and a humble mi...

  • Make an Egg Stand on End.

    Sun, 20th May 2007

    Could you make an egg lift up on its end and stay there? Find out how in this experiment.

  • Making a Mess with Milk

    Thu, 10th May 2007

    Make something really quite unpleasant out of milk and find out what it has to do with ch...

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    Pinhole camera

    Sun, 6th May 2007

    Make a moving image of what is going on outside using just a cardboard box and the powe...

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    Images from a Magnifying Glass

    Sun, 6th May 2007

    Make ghostly images on a wall, just using a magnifying glass, and find out what this ha...

  • Water Fibre Optics

    Fri, 4th May 2007

    Use a bottle of water and a torch to bend light around corners, and find out what this ha...

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    Racing Jam Jars

    Sun, 29th Apr 2007

    Race Jam Jars down a slope and find out that all things don't allways fall at the same ...

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