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    Bendy and Brittle Bones

    Sun, 13th Sep 2009

    Bone is an incredible material - as for its weight, it can be stronger than steel. Find o...

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    Confusing colours

    Sun, 12th Jul 2009

    Confuse your eyes with this colourful experiment, and find out how it relates to seeing i...

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    Motor learning

    Sun, 26th Oct 2008

    Confuse your brain into making your hands move the wrong way and hamper your throwing a...

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    Blood Circulation

    Sun, 17th Feb 2008

    Do one of the experiments that helped to convince doctors that blood actually circulates ...

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    Strange Textures

    Sun, 2nd Dec 2007

    Confuse your sense of touch with this very easy experiment

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    Magnetic Cereal

    Sun, 10th Jun 2007

    Find out about one of the things that make up your breakfast cereal using a magnet.

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