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Bubbles that sink - Antibubbles

Sun, 8th Mar 2009

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What you Need


A small transparent tank or a large clear bowl


Some washing up liquid

Wash bottle

A wash bottle or a washing up liquid bottle



What to do

Add 3-4 tsp of salt into the wash bottle, or rather more into a washing up liquid bottle and then top it up with water.

Add some washing up liquid into the tank of water - probably 2-3 times stronger than the washing up water.

Clear any bubbles from the top of the tank.

Drip water onto the top of the tank  from 5-10cm above and look at the bubbles being formed on the surface. Are they all the same?

Now do the same thing looking into the side of the tank, for a couple of hundred drops, does anything interesting appear?

What may happen

On the top mostly you will produce normal drops, but sometimes you will see what look like bubbles but if you look closer they reflect light much better and they have far more momentum skittering across the surface.

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