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Build your own helicopter

Sun, 1st Nov 2009

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What you Need

A box

Some stiff card from a cereal box or something similar

Pencil3 pencils: 2 short and 1 long




Tapesome tape







A pair of Scissors


What to do

Tape the three pencils together:


   Helicopter Launcher        

Marking the holes on the Helicopter

Tape the two short pencils either side of the longer one. (The launcher)

Cut a piece of card about 2cm by 10cm, and then mark two holes either side of the centre. Then punch two holes at these points ,using another pen or pencil.

It is a good idea to put something soft under the card when you are doing the punching  - otherwise you will probably either make a hole in your table, or your hand.

Make sure the holes are quite loose on the launcher, so that the card can lift off easily.


Bending the tabs

Launching the helicopter

make two diagonal flaps on opposite corners of the piece of card, both pointing down.

Put the piece of card on the launcher and spin!


What may happen

With any  luck, and a bit of practise, you should be able to get the helicopter to take off and fly for 3-4 seconds.

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