Science Experiments

Crisp Packet Fireworks

Mon, 21st May 2007

Part of the show Stars, Cosmology and the Beginning of the Universe

What you Need

A Foil Crisp Packet

A shiny crisp packet, after you have eaten all the crisps

A Microwave

A microwave



What to do

Put the crisp packet in the microwave

Turn on the microwave for a maximum of 4 seconds


Turn the microwave off.

When the packet has cooled down, does it feel the same?

If you leave the microwave on for longer than this there will be nothing to heat but parts of the microwave oven.  This means the oven could get very hot and may be damaged.

Be careful picking up the crisp packet afterwards as it may be very hot.

What may happen

You should see the crisp packet shrivel up and shrink to a fraction of its original size, and while it does, lots of exciting sparks should appear on the surface.

If you feel the shrunken packet it will feel much stiffer and less flexible.

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