Science Experiments

Falling Mugs

Sun, 2nd Aug 2009

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What you Need


A mug or something of a similar weight


A nut  weighing about 5-10g


A pencil


Some string

What to do

Cut a piece of string that will not quite reach the ground, from about shoulder height.

Tie the mug on one end of the string, and the nut on the other.

Hold the nut in one hand, and the pencil in the other. Put the string over the pencil, and hold the pencil at about shoulder height (with the far end higher than the close end, or the string can fall off!)

Pull the nut away until the mug is near the pencil, and the string is horizontal.

Let go!

You may want to practise with something less breakable than a mug...

What may happen

You should find that the string wraps itself around the pencil, and the mug doesn't hit the ground.

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