Science Experiments

Going loopy for bubbles

Sun, 20th Jul 2008

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What you Need

A coat hanger

A coat hanger or other source of wire

Some Wool

Wool or string

Washing up Liquid

Some washing up liquid

A tray

A tray

What to do

The bubble loopFirst bend the wire into something that is roughly a circle.

Wrap the wool or string around the wire to form a loop of wool covered wire.  This will act as a reservoir for the bubble mixture making the film last a lot longer.

Tie two fairly loose pieces of wool across the middle of the wire loop forming 3 sections.

Mix a generous amount of washing up liquid (3-4 times as much as you would use for a whole bowl) with water in your tray.

Place the wire loop in the mixture and gently remove it leaving it covered with a bubble film.

Pop the central area of film, what happens.

Try popping the others, and starting again and popping them in another order.

What may happen

You should find that the wool is pulled away from the area of film you popped.

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