Science Experiments

How does a submarine work?

Sat, 22nd Apr 2006

Part of the show Coral Reefs and Creatures of the Deep Sea

What you Need

A bottle

A large lemonade bottle full of water

Blue Tack

Some plasticine or blue tack

A Pen Lid

A pen lid


It also works with a ketchup packet weighted with a paperclip instead of the pen lid


What to do

1- If you are using the penlid, use some plasticine to block the hole in the top, then add plasticine to the bottom of the lid until it just floats

2- Fill the bottle up to the top

3- Float the lid or sachet in the bottle.

4- Put the lid on the bottle


What may happen

When you squeeze the bottle you should find that the diver ( the penlid / sachet ) sinks and then when you stop squeezing it should float again. You should be able to repeat this as often as you like.


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