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Lard Mountains - Isostacy

Sun, 18th Oct 2009

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What you Need

Lard mountain from the top


A shallow dishA glass tray of water





A pair of Scissors

A pair of scissors





A bowl of hot water and a cup



What to do

Lard plate

Lard plate 2-3mm thick floating on water

Melt about 100g of lard, by placing it in a cup and putting the cup in a bowl of hot water.

Fill a large, ideally flat and transparent, container with water.

Pour the lard over the surface to form a 2-3mm thick plate on the surface.

Wait until it congeals and then cut it into two plates with a pair of scissors.

Push the two plates together and make them crumple up to make lard mountains (they may need a little assistance).

Look at the mountains you have made, above and below the water.


What may happen

When the two plates collide they fold (possibly with a little help) to form mountains.

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