Science Experiments

Levitating plastic bags

Sun, 6th Jan 2008

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What you Need

A balloon

A long thin balloon

Plastic Bag

A plastic bag

A pair of Scissors

Some scissors

Some hair

Some hair



What to do

Cut a strip out of the bag about 1cm wide and 5cm long.

Make a series of cuts into the bag from one end almost to the other end, forming a tassel with a series of strips about 1mm wide joined at one end.

Blow up your balloon.

Bag tasselRub the balloon and the bag tassel on different parts of your hair. It works best on relatively short clean hair, sometimes it works better on leg hair than head hair. Make sure you rub the balloon all the way along on one side.

Hold the balloon with the side you rubbed pointing upwards.

Throw the bag tassel up into the air and try to balance it above the balloon.

What may happen

You should be able to make the plastic float above the balloon, it is quite difficult to balance but definitely possible.

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