Science Experiments

Magnets and TVs

Sun, 21st Oct 2007

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What you Need

An old fashioned CRT TV or Monitor (one of the ones that are almost as deep as they are wide) One that you are not overly attached to as there is a possibility this may permanently damage the picture.

A magnet, the stronger the better the effect.

What to do

Turn on the TV or monitor and tune it into a picture.

If you can lift the TV comfortably turn it upside down very carefully, and see if it has any effect on the picture.

The take your magnet and move it close to the TV, move it around, what effect does it have.

Warning:  The second part of this experiment may permanently damage the colour on some TVs - you have been warned so don't do it on a TV that is important to you!

What may happen

You will find that if you turn the TV upside down the colours will go strange.  If you turn the TV off and on while it is upside down they go back to normal.

If you put the magnet near the TV, if it is strong enough you will see strange patterns appearing on the screen, that move with the magnet.

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