Science Experiments

Psychedelic Milk

Sun, 1st Jun 2008

Listen Now    Download as mp3 Part 1,2 from the show Naked Science Question and Answer show

What you Need


Some milk

Food colouring

A few colours of food colouring

Washing up Liquid

A few drops of washing up liquid

A bowl

A fairly flat bottomed bowl

What to do

Add about 1cm of milk to the bottom of your bowl.

Pour a few drops of each colour of food colouring onto different places on the surface of the milk.

Add a drop of washing up liquid somewhere in the bowl.

After a minute or so and everything has stopped moving, add another somewhere else.

What may happen

You should find that at first the food colouring moves away from where you added the washing up liquid, and then it starts welling up from below the surface of the milk, forming beautiful patterns.

Here is a video of the effect speeded up by a factor of 25.

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