Science Experiments

Pumping Straw - a centrifugal pump

Sun, 19th Apr 2009

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What you Need

A straw

A straw

A skewer

A wooden skewer

Sticky Tape

A small amount of tape

A Bowl of Water

A bowl of water

What to do


Centrifugal pump

Half cut the straw a third and two thirds of the way along its length.

Push a wooden skewer through the centre of the straw.

Bend the two ends of the straw together and tape them to the skewer.

Place the pointy end fo the straw into some water and spin it about the skewer.

What may happen

You should find that if you spin the skewer that water will start to lift up the straws, and if you spin the skewer fast enough water will start to spray out of the sides. You are pumping water upwards.

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