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Steam Powered Can Crusher

Sun, 5th Oct 2008

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What you Need


A can

Cooking Hob

A cooker hob


Some tongs

A shallow dish

A tray

What to do

Warning: this experiment involves inverting a can of boiling water and you should use eye protection and be careful.

Take an empty drinks can (not one with a plastic widget) and pour in a small amount of water, only a centimetre or so depth is fine.  Place the can on a cooker hob (being careful to make sure it's stable) and heat until the water is boiling and you can see plenty of steam coming out of the top.

Fill a shallow bowl or tray with cold water and put it in a convenient place next to your hob.

Pick up the can with a pair of tongs and carefully invert the can into the cold water, so the mouth of the can is at the bottom, under the surface of the water.

What may happen

The can collapses very soon after it hits the cold water

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