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The Trebuchet

Sun, 16th Nov 2008

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What you Need

Some cardboard

Some cardboard

A biro

A biro or pencil

A pen lid

A pen lid or something of similar weight that you can attach string to

Some wire

A thin piece of wire or a plastic bag tie


Some string

A mug

A mug

What to do

A trebuchet works a bit like a big see-saw and the first job is to make the arm of the see-saw. First of all, cut a coffin-shaped piece of corrugated card (about 20cm by 6-7cm) with the corrugations running lengthwise. Then fold the carboard twice lengthwise either side of the centre, leaving 2-3 corrugations between your folds.


Carboard cut to shape

Folded card

Cut a coffin-shaped piece of corrugated card

Make two lengthwise folds either side of the centre line.

Now push the biro through the both sides of the card arm, about a quarter of the way along from the widest end.

Make 2 small holes in the cardboard on the centreline, one at each end. At the narrow end push the wire tie half-way through the hole and bend it over on either end.

What may happen

You should find that after a few adjustments the trebuchet can throw its projectile a surprising distance.

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