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    Silver from soot

    Sun, 1st Feb 2009

    Convert normal soot into a beautiful silvery substance using just a candle, some water an...

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    Sun, 25th Jan 2009

    Make a truly irresistible rubbery solid that you just can't keep your hands off...

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    Science of fruit jellies

    Sat, 17th Jan 2009

    Find an excuse for a party, make some party food, and find out why some kinds of fruit wo...

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    Drop Magnifier

    Sun, 11th Jan 2009

    Make the cheapest microscope in the world, using a piece of plastic and some water. And f...

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    Vortex Cannon

    Sun, 21st Dec 2008

    If you have ever been too lazy to get up and blow out a candle a few feet away, then we m...

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    Does a mint make your mouth cold?

    Sun, 14th Dec 2008

    Does a mint actually make your mouth cold? And for that matter does chilli make it hot? W...

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    Colours in CDs

    Sun, 7th Dec 2008

    You may have noticed funky colours in CDs before, but where do they come from and why do ...

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    Glowing tape

    Sun, 30th Nov 2008

    Find out how to make ordinary sellotape glow in the dark, and how it has been used to mak...

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    Ghostly Windows

    Sun, 23rd Nov 2008

    Make you and a friend seem to appear and dissapear or even stand in the same place, just ...

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    The Trebuchet

    Sun, 16th Nov 2008

    Build your very own medieval siege machine out of odds and ends you can find lying around...

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    Glueing glasses

    Sun, 2nd Nov 2008

    Stick two glasses together using the power of hot air.

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    Motor learning

    Sun, 26th Oct 2008

    Confuse your brain using a mouse. And Ben tries to throw a ball from a differnt perspecti...

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    Grape Plasmas

    Sun, 19th Oct 2008

    Create plasmas from a humble grape in your microwave.

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    Rebounding Drop

    Sun, 12th Oct 2008

    An experiment you can carry out using a cup of tea and a little milk

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    Fizzes from peroxide

    Sun, 21st Sep 2008

    Use the power of catalysis to create oxygen and relight a piece of wood, and we give the ...

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    Impaling Potatoes

    Sun, 14th Sep 2008

    If you have ever wondered how to impale a potato with a straw? Then this experiment is fo...

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    Swinging for the Sweet Spot

    Sun, 17th Aug 2008

    Have you every wondered why when you hit a ball sometimes it goes miles and other times y...

  • Water Rockets

    Sun, 10th Aug 2008

    Launch lemonade bottle rockets and see what happened when we tried launching a camera on ...

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    Going loopy for bubbles

    Sun, 20th Jul 2008

    We discover a surprising feature of bubbles using only bubble mix, wool and a coat hanger...

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    Monster Bounces

    Sun, 13th Jul 2008

    Make a tennis ball bounce much higher than the height you dropped it from using a neat pi...

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    Balloon Kebab

    Sun, 22nd Jun 2008

    Put a skewer straight through a balloon to form a kebab without having to hold your ears!

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    Flour Volcano

    Sun, 15th Jun 2008

    Build a model of some of the largest volcanoes on the planet, using some flour and a ball...

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    Sun, 8th Jun 2008

    We recreate Archimedes' experiment to find out whether what claims to be gold is really g...

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    Psychedelic Milk

    Sun, 1st Jun 2008

    Make beautiful moving psychedelic patterns in a bowl of milk with just some food colourin...

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