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    Fire Piston

    Sun, 22nd Apr 2007

    You may have noticed that if you pump up a bicycle tyre your pump gets hot, we find out w...

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    Electric Slime

    Sun, 15th Apr 2007

    Make some seemingly normal slime that behaves very strangely with electricity

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    Stimulating Arteries

    Sun, 1st Apr 2007

    Ben visited Dr Brian Callingham to find out what an artery can do with the appropriate st...

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    Build a Hot Air Balloon

    Sun, 25th Mar 2007

    Hot air balloons are the most elegant way to fly - build one from normal kitchen material...

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    Freezing lemonade bottles

    Sun, 18th Mar 2007

    In this cool experiment you can freeze a bottle of lemonade in front of your eyes.

  • Seeing the invisible

    Sun, 11th Mar 2007

    Carbon Dioxide is an invisible gas that amongst other things we breath out. In this exper...

  • Custard Fireballs

    Sun, 4th Mar 2007

    How the size of what is burning can affect how it burns. We compared burning logs, twigs,...

  • Strange Glows from Sugar

    Sun, 25th Feb 2007

    How to make strange unearthly glows by torturing sugar cubes...

  • Lifting Ice Cubes

    Sun, 7th Jan 2007

    If you've ever wondered why we salt the roads in Winter time - this kitchen science is fo...

  • Can you beat the Breathalyzer

    Sun, 17th Dec 2006

    If you've ever wondered how a police issue breathalyser works - this kitchen science is f...

  • Frying pans and Levitation

    Sun, 29th Oct 2006

    This week Derek Thorne is with Professor Ted Forgan from Birmingham University and studen...

  • Dizziness and Office Chairs

    Sun, 22nd Oct 2006

    Investigate what is happening when you get dizzy in some perculiar directions, with nothi...

  • How to make a forcefield

    Sun, 17th Sep 2006

    This week Derek and Dave are venturing bravely into the future to make their very own for...

  • Strange Temperatures

    Sun, 10th Sep 2006

    Here is a way to entirely fool your senses using only three bowls of water. Have a go if ...

  • How does sun cream work?

    Sun, 16th Jul 2006

    With the summer holidays approaching, Derek and Dave head off to Hinchingbrooke School to...

  • How to make Ugali

    Sun, 9th Jul 2006

    This week Kitchen Science travels all the way to Tanzania to find out how to make ugali, ...

  • Making Music with Harmonics

    Sun, 21st May 2006

    Wendy has a look at what happens when you spin a pink tube around your head.

  • Sounds from a Mug

    Sun, 21st May 2006

    Make some quite perplexing sounds with a common coffee mug, and a pen.

  • How does a submarine work?

    Sun, 23rd Apr 2006

    Using just a penlid, some plasticine and a lemonade bottle, to find out what principle su...

  • Why is the sky blue?

    Sun, 9th Apr 2006

    Build a model atmosphere in your kitchen and use it to find out why the sky is blue.

  • Strange Cornflour Slime

    Sun, 12th Feb 2006

    Is it a solid or is it a liquid? Make a really strange mixture and find out how it behave...

  • Cooling Glow Sticks

    Sun, 5th Feb 2006

    See what happens to a glow stick when you cool it down, and find out why this is importan...

  • Butter from cream

    Sun, 8th Jan 2006

    FInd out what happens to cream if you whip it, and the consequences of whipping it slight...

  • An Invisible Fire Extinguisher

    Sun, 13th Nov 2005

    Put out fires without using water, using an invisible fire extinguisher which won't stain...

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