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  • Why high voltage?

    Tue, 13th May 2014

    Electricity comes into our house at 240V which can kill, and it is moved around he countr...

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    Hurricanes in a Lemonade Bottle

    Sun, 19th Mar 2006

    Build a minature hurricane in a lemonade bottle and find out why it happens.

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    Bouncing Soap

    Sun, 7th Aug 2011

    Make liquid soap or washing up liquid bounce off more soap.

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    Falling Cards

    Sun, 5th Jun 2011

    Confuse your friends with this slightly unorthodox card trick

  • Mysterious forces - Eddy Currents

    Fri, 24th Sep 2010

    Here is a lovely little experiment you can do if you can get hold of a small rare earth s...

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    The Potato Arch

    Sun, 19th Sep 2010

    The Arch is an ancient piece of technology that is still common today. If you have a pota...

  • Cloud Chamber

    Mon, 12th Jul 2010

    A really classic physics experiment that helped to understand some of the most fundamenta...

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    Laser diffraction

    Thu, 24th Jun 2010

    Make strange patterns using a laser pointer and use them to discover a fundamental proper...

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