Geology Experiments

Earth Kitchen Science
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    Fun with filters

    Sun, 7th Feb 2010

    One of the most basic ways of cleaning water is to use a filter. If you fancy getting a l...

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    Margarine Planets

    Sun, 15th Nov 2009

    Use a tub of ordinary margarine to model how a planet forms, and to explain why we get di...

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    Lard Mountains - Isostacy

    Sun, 18th Oct 2009

    Build some mountains out of lard, and find out why mountains are like icebergs, and what ...

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    Flour Volcano

    Sun, 15th Jun 2008

    Build a model of some of the largest volcanoes on the planet, using some flour and a ball...

  • Simulating Meteor Strikes

    Sun, 10th Dec 2006

    Using confectionary to simulate some of the most violent events in the solar system.

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