Light Experiments

Light Kitchen Science
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    Pepper's Ghost

    Sun, 31st Jan 2010

    Confuse your friends with ghostly candles, and find out how these are related to Victoria...

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    Confusing colours

    Sun, 12th Jul 2009

    Confuse your eyes with this colourful experiment, and find out how it relates to seeing i...

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    Colours in CDs

    Sun, 7th Dec 2008

    You may have noticed funky colours in CDs before, but where do they come from and why do ...

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    Glowing tape

    Sun, 30th Nov 2008

    Find out how to make ordinary sellotape glow in the dark, and how it has been used to mak...

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    Ghostly Windows

    Sun, 23rd Nov 2008

    Make you and a friend seem to appear and dissapear or even stand in the same place, just ...

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    Starting fires with the sun

    Sun, 3rd Aug 2008

    Start a fire using the power of the sun and a piece of glass, and find out how it could h...

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    Lighting bulbs without wires

    Sun, 13th Apr 2008

    Find out how to light a light bulb with no wire in sight using just a balloon and a littl...

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    Remote Interference

    Sun, 3rd Feb 2008

    You know you can use your remote control to save you the immense effort of getting out of...

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