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    Swapping Sounds

    Sun, 10th Jan 2010

    Completely confuse your sense of direction using a couple of hose pipes and some funnels....

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    Sun, 4th Oct 2009

    Build your own primitive sonar with a computer and a microphone, and find out how this re...

  • Squashing Bottles

    Sun, 2nd Mar 2008

    What happens to the note a bottle makes when you squash it? What would happen if you then...

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    Blowing on bottles

    Sun, 2nd Mar 2008

    Discover the musical properties of a few old bottles...

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    Straw Oboe

    Sun, 13th Jan 2008

    Can a drinking straw be a musical instrument? Here is how to make a very simple if annoyi...

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    Warping Wineglasses

    Sun, 2nd Sep 2007

    Amaze your friends at a party by making some really strange sounds from a wineglass.

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    Cup Fountain

    Sun, 1st Jul 2007

    Make a fountain, and some fascinating patterns with a polystyrene cup and a piece of carp...

  • The Secret Sounds of the Oven Shelf

    Sun, 30th Jul 2006

    The kitchen has always seemed an unlikely place to find a musical instrument - until now....

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