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    Bouncing Soap

    Sat, 6th Aug 2011

    Make liquid soap or washing up liquid bounce off more soap.

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    Jamming Rice

    Sun, 3rd Jun 2007

    Find out how to pick up a jar of rice without touching the jar, and what it has to do w...

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    Shelless Eggs

    Sun, 8th Nov 2009

    Make a bizzare, shelless, raw egg in this easy experiment.

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    Bendy and Brittle Bones

    Sun, 13th Sep 2009

    Bone is an incredible material - as for its weight, it can be stronger than steel. Find o...

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    Recycling Paper

    Sun, 26th Jul 2009

    Take some of those old bits of paper and recycle them to make some new paper. It is far m...

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    Sun, 25th Jan 2009

    Make a truly irresistible rubbery solid that you just can't keep your hands off...

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    Impaling Potatoes

    Sun, 14th Sep 2008

    If you have ever wondered how to impale a potato with a straw? Then this experiment is fo...

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    Whirling forces

    Sun, 7th Sep 2008

    Use whirling tennis balls to lift weights and find out what centrifugal force is.

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    Fastest Melting Ice

    Sun, 29th Jun 2008

    Does the speed of ice melting depend on what surface it's on? We compare an ice cube on ...

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    Balloon Kebab

    Sun, 22nd Jun 2008

    Put a skewer straight through a balloon to form a kebab without having to hold your ears!

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    Balloons on a Tube

    Sun, 9th Mar 2008

    Find out why it is so hard to start blowing up a balloon and what it has to do with bubbl...

  • Crisp Packet Fireworks

    Mon, 21st May 2007

    Produce fireworks in your kitchen, using nothing more than a crisp packet and a humble mi...

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