Electricity Experiments

Electricity Kitchen Science
  • Why high voltage?

    Tue, 13th May 2014

    Electricity comes into our house at 240V which can kill, and it is moved around he countr...

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    Crisp Packet Fireworks

    Mon, 21st May 2007

    Produce fireworks in your kitchen, using nothing more than a crisp packet and a humble mi...

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    DIY Photovoltaic Solar cell

    Sun, 7th Mar 2010

    Find out how to build your own solar cell, it may not solve the world's energy problem, b...

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    Freezing batteries

    Sun, 28th Jun 2009

    We have a look at the chemistry of batteries and what happens if you cool them down.

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    Glowing tape

    Sun, 30th Nov 2008

    Find out how to make ordinary sellotape glow in the dark, and how it has been used to mak...

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    Grape Plasmas

    Sun, 19th Oct 2008

    Create plasmas from a humble grape in your microwave.

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    Remote Interference

    Sun, 3rd Feb 2008

    You know you can use your remote control to save you the immense effort of getting out of...

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    Levitating plastic bags

    Sun, 6th Jan 2008

    Amaze your friends by making a piece of plastic levitate using nothing more sophisticated...

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    Magnets and TVs

    Sun, 21st Oct 2007

    In a 'only do at home if you don't like your TV' experiment find out what a TV has in com...

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    Build your own Compass

    Sun, 14th Oct 2007

    Build your own navigational aid from stuff you could find in your kitchen.

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