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    Simple Motor - Homopolar motor

    Thu, 27th Feb 2014

    This is about the simplest electric motor you can build, and is the same type as the fi...

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    Snapping Spaghetti

    Sun, 14th Jun 2009

    What happens when you snap a simple piece of spaghetti? Believe it or not, this is a ques...

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    The Potato Arch

    Sun, 19th Sep 2010

    The Arch is an ancient piece of technology that is still common today. If you have a pota...

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    DIY CD Hovercraft

    Sun, 9th May 2010

    Make a neat little hovercraft using a CD and a balloon.

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    Water Pressure

    Sun, 28th Feb 2010

    Do a classic experiment to show why dams have to be so high and submarines so strong.

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    Dancing Raisins

    Sun, 14th Feb 2010

    Make raisins dance in front of your eyes using nothing more sophisticated than some fizz.

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    Exploding Film Canisters

    Sun, 24th Jan 2010

    Find out how to make a mini-explosion using a film canister, and find out how your explos...

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    Cycle Centrifuge

    Sun, 6th Dec 2009

    Use a bike and some salad dressing to find out how blood is separated and how nuclear fue...

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