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Paul O’Mahoney

crop (c) Professor David Kleijn.

Hello! I’m Paul, and I’m a scientist. More specifically, I do research in to various aspects of photodynamic therapy (PDT) at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee. Although typically synonymous with dermatology, we also have interests in areas such as neurology, bronchoscopy and urology – if you can get an optical fibre in there, you have our attention! I previously completed my PhD at the University of Dundee, looking at novel ways of sorting blood cells with lasers and ultrasound, and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering at the same university.


When I’ve been particularly well behaved, I get to go out and play in the world of science communication. So far I have been involved several outreach events in my academic life, such as the IOP’s ‘Lab in a Lorry’, University open days, ‘Bang Goes the Borders’, and most recently, ‘I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here’."



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