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  • Driverless Cars

    Thu, 31st Jul 2014

    It has been announced by the government that driverless cars will be trialed on the roa...

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    80 new genes linked to schizophrenia

    Fri, 25th Jul 2014

    Scientists have uncovered 80 previously unknown genes, which may play a role in a perso...

  • Seals hang out at windfarms

    Fri, 25th Jul 2014

    Seals use offshore wind farms as bases for their hunting and fishing exploits, new rese...

  • Beef is off the menu

    Fri, 25th Jul 2014

    Beef is 10 times more damaging to the environment than any other form of livestock.

  • Friendly Genes

    Fri, 18th Jul 2014

    Your genetic make-up determines who you make friends with, new research has revealed.

  • Supermoon

    Thu, 17th Jul 2014

    Many people will have noticed the moon looking especially big and bright recently. This...

  • Food data used to find cause of outbreak

    Fri, 11th Jul 2014

    Data on what we like to buy in supermarkets may help identify the source of food-related ...

  • Smallpox

    Thu, 10th Jul 2014

    US government this week discovered vials of smallpox virus whilst cleaning out an old s...

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    Learning to fly

    Thu, 10th Jul 2014

    Researchers have uncovered a surprising genetic connection between the development of lan...

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    Electric evolution

    Thu, 10th Jul 2014

    Writing in the journal Science, a team of US researchers has discovered how the electric ...

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