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  • Antibiotic apocalypse

    Mon, 23rd Nov 2015

    Bacteria showing resistance to antibiotics of last resort have been discovered in China.

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    How animals see magnetic fields

    Mon, 23rd Nov 2015

    Magnetism-detecting molecule that might enable animals to navigate using magnetic fields ...

  • Eye drops to treat cataracts

    Thu, 5th Nov 2015

    Eye lens cataracts can take years to form but research published this week shows that t...

  • Eels master electricians

    Fri, 30th Oct 2015

    Electric eels curl up to double the damage dealt by their electric organs and immobilise ...

  • Four bugs that block asthma

    Thu, 1st Oct 2015

    The absence of four strains of intestinal bacteria can make the difference between breath...

  • Bleeding blocker

    Thu, 1st Oct 2015

    Self-propelled particles that fizz their way upstream into blood vessels to block bleedin...

  • 3D-printing body parts

    Fri, 25th Sep 2015

    A new form of 3D-printing that can turn out replicas of a patient's organs has been devel...

  • Paralysed man can walk again

    Fri, 25th Sep 2015

    A man paralysed has been able to walk again thanks to a new brain-muscle interface device...

  • The cost of eyes

    Thu, 17th Sep 2015

    A study into Mexican fish has found that those evolved to living in caves save energy b...

  • When dogs become citizen scientists

    Thu, 17th Sep 2015

    To help understand what goes on in the mind of man's best friend, five hundred dogs have ...

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