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    Nobel Prizes stripped bare!

    Tue, 14th Oct 2014

    The latest Nobel prizes have been announced, but who won them and what for?

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    Paying the price

    Thu, 2nd Oct 2014

    A set of 149 papers that were retracted due to misconduct had been funded to the tune of ...

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    Conserving a Cathedral

    Thu, 2nd May 2013

    Oliver Caroe of St Paul's Cathedral discusses how he looks after one of London's most fam...

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    The Legacy of John Snow

    Thu, 14th Mar 2013

    Medical Historian Richard Barnett tells the story of the epidemiologist John Snow and ask...

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    Pre-Historic Dairy Cows - Planet Earth Online

    Sun, 4th Nov 2012

    Cows milk is a remarkable food – not only for drinking, but for cheese and butter, yoghur...

  • antarctica (c) Stephen Hudson@wikipedia


    The earliest Arctic settlements

    Thu, 13th Sep 2012

    Kate Britton at the University of Aberdeen, has been investigating an abandoned Arctic se...

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    Still Curious about Mars...

    Fri, 17th Aug 2012

    We delve into the history of Mars exploration, finding out why the Red Planet has capture...

  • Johannes Kepler, c. 1610 (c) Unknown artist


    Kepler the Man and Kepler the Mission

    Fri, 10th Aug 2012

    The Kepler mission has found over 2000 candidate exoplanets, yet Johannes Kepler's own co...

  • Hanny's Voorwerp and IC 2497 taken by Wide Field Camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope. (c) NASA, ESA, W. Keel (University of Alabama), and the Galaxy Zoo Team


    Citizen Scientists - How Volunteers Further Scientific Research

    Thu, 2nd Aug 2012

    Many thousands of people have given their time and energy to projects like Galaxy Zoo - c...

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    World War Two and the Jet Engine

    Fri, 20th Jul 2012

    World War Two saw huge developments in aero engines, from the Merlin that powered the Hur...

  • Gemini III launch (c) NASA


    Commemorating Gemini 3

    Tue, 10th Jul 2012

    We look back at the miisions that led to Man reaching the Moon. First, the Gemini 3 miss...

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    Improving Education

    Mon, 18th Jun 2012

    Is science education up to scratch? Universities have complained that the A-Level curric...

  • A Meteorite from the Gibeon meteorite field (c) H. Raab


    The International Meteorite Market

    Fri, 25th May 2012

    Meteorites are extremely valuable to scientists – we have visited and collected samples o...

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    Reassembling the Remains of Ancient Sea Creatures

    Fri, 4th May 2012

    Espen Knutsen is reassembling the remains of ancient pleiosaurs.

  • Gardom Monolith (c) D Brown/Nottingham Trent University


    Standing Stones Aligned with the Sun

    Mon, 2nd Apr 2012

    Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have gathered new evidence that suggests that ...

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    Fighting Baldness and Healing Wounds through Hibernation

    Tue, 20th Mar 2012

    A new drug target for baldness, searching for early human settlements from space, a new w...

  • Studying Shipwrecks

    Sun, 4th Dec 2011

    Diving down beneath the waves to discover how archaeologists locate and recover treasure ...

  • The Thames Discovery Programme

    Sun, 4th Dec 2011

    Inland waterways can be extremely rich sources of archaeology, and the River Thames - whi...

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    Bayesian Prehistory

    Tue, 19th Jul 2011

    We explore how carbon dates can be statistically analysed in order to look at prehistoric...

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    Communicating Astronomy

    Thu, 7th Jul 2011

    How should astronomers go about communicating their work? Mark Thompson is President of ...

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