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    The Human Brain Project

    Mon, 17th Nov 2014

    Over 1 billion Euros invested to try to simulate the human brain on a supercomputer. We...

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    The BRAIN Initiative

    Mon, 17th Nov 2014

    Meet the person responsible for putting neuroscience research on the American political...

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    Rebuilding Lives

    Mon, 20th Oct 2014

    Kids Company charity supports over 36,000 young people who have experienced abuse and mal...

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    A Story of Neglect

    Mon, 20th Oct 2014

    In America alone, four children die every day as a result of child abuse. We find out wha...

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    Why your face stands out from the crowd

    Tue, 23rd Sep 2014

    Human faces are much more diverse and varied than we would expect, compared to animal vis...

  • US-Navy Storekeeper 3rd Class Robert Franke donates blood (c) Michael Buslovich


    Blood biomarkers to diagnose depression?

    Fri, 19th Sep 2014

    The first blood test to help diagnose major depression in adults has been developed

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    Video game therapy

    Tue, 26th Aug 2014

    New ideas in treating mental illness such as depression could mean that video games repla...

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    Mon, 18th Aug 2014

    How do you treat someone if you don't know what they have? SWAN UK works with families wh...

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    Maths and Reading

    Wed, 13th Aug 2014

    In the news this month was a new study showing that gene variations linked to reading a...

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    Video games: good or bad?

    Mon, 11th Aug 2014

    There's lots of both good and bad press surrounding video games. But what should we bel...

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