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    What are leap seconds?

    Tue, 30th Jun 2015

    Scientists sporadically need to add or deduct seconds from our clocks but if our timeke...

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    Coding Club

    Mon, 24th Mar 2014

    We visit a bunch of fledgling coders at an after school coding club called 'The Park Stre...

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    When did time begin?

    Fri, 26th Jun 2015

    Everyone is familiar with the concept of time but when did it begin? And how do we know...

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    Ringing in your ears?

    Fri, 26th Jun 2015

    Scientists have unravelled just why we get ringing in our ears - or tinnitus - and the ...

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    Modern plagues: Ebola

    Mon, 22nd Jun 2015

    Although the plague is now not the problem it once was, other infections, like Ebola, are...

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    What was bubonic plague?

    Mon, 22nd Jun 2015

    Modern scientific techniques have led to discoveries about the cause of the plague that o...

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    The Sticklebacks Return...

    Tue, 26th May 2015

    We finally find out what has happened to Jolle's stickleback fish!

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    Brilliant bats!

    Thu, 21st May 2015

    Bats use echolocation - ultrasound sonar - to find their way around and to hunt down prey...

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