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Sun, 12th Oct 2008

Sunday Driver - In the City of Dreadful Night

Kat Arney

Listen Now    Download as mp3 from the show How Does a One-way Mirror Work?

Kat Arney is a multi-talented lady - not only does she regularly bring you the latest science with the Naked Scientists, bake excellent cakes and knit - she's also in an incredible band, Sunday Driver.

Sunday DriverKat's very proud to announce the launch of their first professional album:

"My band Sunday Driver are launching our first ever proper album (i.e. not made by us on the living room floor with scissors and Prittstick).  It's called "In The City of Dreadful Night" and it's funded by the Arts Council. The album is a richly textured fusion of Indian and Western sounds - acoustic, jazz, folk, Indian classical with the odd bit of heavy metal thrown in for good measure. "

Many of the Naked Scientists attended the launch night for the album, and were truly blown away by their performance.  It's a unique and captivating album which brings together some quite diverse influences into a package that really takes you away to somewhere exotic - very much worth the meagre price of the CD.

In The City of Dreadful Night is available to buy now, and do also check out Sunday Driver on their website or myspace page!


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You didn't advertise my album, did you! 

Just coz I don't collapse in a slobbering heap at the thought of George Clooney covered in chocolate ice-cream... DoctorBeaver, Thu, 23rd Oct 2008

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