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Fri, 19th Apr 2013

What is it like to have ADHD?

Terry Laverty

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Kicking off the programme, I spoke with Terry Laverty who was recently been diagnosed with ADHD and as a result, has co-founded an ADHD support group called ADDapt Ability at Cambridge.  I asked him what people with adult ADHD might experience.

Terry -   People with ADHD tend to process their emotions more quickly Eyesthan people without, so you might find yourself apologising for temper tantrums quite a lot or perhaps not planning ahead and considering the consequences of your actions.  You might be addicted to extreme sports or even conversely maybe having more serious addictions and self-medicate with coffee, alcohol, or even hard drugs.  Some of the flags to look out for could be if youíve been through the mental health services for example with diagnosis of depression, anxiety, even bipolar.  Maybe the medication of the treatment isnít working or isnít as effective as you think it should be.

Hannah -   That was Terry Laverty whoís diagnosed with adult ADHD at the age of 33.  I wanted to find out more about the clinical symptoms and diagnoses of both child and adult ADHD and so, I met Dr. Sam Chamberlain, Clinical Lecturer and Psychiatrist at Cambridge University....


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