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Mon, 19th May 2014

Autism Awareness

Quick Fire Science, Hannah Critchlow and Kate Lamble, Naked Scientists

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Getting us to grips with this often misunderstood condition hereís the Naked Leo KannerScientists Quick fire Science, Iím joined by Kate Lamble.

- Autism, was first described as a unique syndrome in 1943 by the American psychiatrist and physician Leo Kanner

- Today, Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD is recognised to affect around one in every 100 people worldwide

- Each case is different, but everyone on the spectrum shares three main areas of difficulty; social interaction, communication, and imagination or flexible thinking.

- On the flip side people with ASD may exhibit common strengths with a focused attention to detail, an excellent memory, and a tendency to logical thinking.

- Other common traits of ASD include a love of routines, sensory sensitivity in one of the five senses, and having intense special interests, topics that they enjoy talking about and engaging in over and over again.

- However itís hard to characterise a condition which ranges from the one in ten people who cannot speak to those who are high functioning and have a milder form of Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

- ASD Symptoms typically start to develop in early childhood, but some people with milder forms are not diagnosed with the condition until adulthood.

- In the past, some people believed that the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella caused ASD. However further investigation showed that there is no link between the two, instead the age at which communication problems begin to appear in ASD patients is around the same age that the vaccine is given.

- While we donít yet know the cause of autism, itís been suggested that high levels of testosterone in the womb may affect brain development and lead to the condition. This may be why males are more likely to have autism than females, at a ratio of about 4:1

- Genetics also seems to play a role in 90% of autism cases, with an increased risk of a baby developing the disorder if relatives have it. But itís likely that many genes are involved, possibly interacting with environmental factors.  

- There is no 'cure' for ASD, but education and behavioural support can help. If you are concerned that your child may exhibit characteristics of the disorder, visit your GP who can refer you for an assessment


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Research suggests that clinical endocannabinoid deficiency could be implicated in autism pathophysiology. tkadm30, Thu, 31st Mar 2016

Could vitamin D deficiency and low levels of endocannabinoid activity indicate autoimmune (GcMAF) dysregulation in autism?

tkadm30, Sat, 9th Apr 2016

Is MMR vaccines (inactivated viruses) causing chronic GcMAF (vitamin D binding protein) deficiency in autism spectrum disorder?

tkadm30, Wed, 4th May 2016

can we cure autism if it was detected in an earlier stage? leamangaarandia, Wed, 11th May 2016

#1. The hypothesis that MMR vaccination caused autism has been conclusively disproven.

#2. GcMAF is one of many fake treatments for autism.

Yet again tkadm30 shoe-horns cannabis into a thread in this forum.
tkadm30 the cannabis grower that would explain why you constantly push dope ]. RD, Wed, 11th May 2016

I don't see GcMAF being listed as a fake treatments for autism on that website.

Pushing dope? You must be kidding... The ones who push dope the most are the ones selling prescription drugs and antipsychotics.

J Clin Invest. 2008 Jan 2; 118(1): 6Ė14
Antipsychotics in the treatment of autism
tkadm30, Wed, 11th May 2016

Google is your friend ...

You've done little else other than push cannabis in this forum.

your profile ]. RD, Wed, 11th May 2016

Google is your friend ...

I guess it's the same "conspiracy" that murdered Dr Bradstreet... tkadm30, Wed, 11th May 2016 tkadm30, Wed, 11th May 2016

The causes of autism are far from clear, probably involving genetic and environmental causes, as well as greater community awareness that leads to higher levels of diagnosis (school teachers identify certain children as being "on the (autism) spectrum").

I heard of one paper that linked autism to infection during pregnancy...  yet another avenue to investigate... evan_au, Wed, 11th May 2016

If Big Pharma is murdering their competitors, (and staging it as suicide), why do they wait until the aforementioned quacks are facing bankruptcy and/or jail-time for their frauds ?...

If Big Pharma viewed them as competitors, and was willing to assassinate them, the logical thing would be to kill them at the earliest opportunity, rather than "fake their suicide" when the quack's career was near its natural end.

Again your conspiracy-theory does not bear any analysis : such beliefs are only promulgated by the paranoid*,  drug-induced, or otherwise ]. RD, Thu, 12th May 2016

There is a clear 4:1 gender ratio in autism , that is explicable via genetics alone. RD, Thu, 12th May 2016

A big autism conference is taking place in Baltimore in May 2016.

For an overview: evan_au, Sat, 14th May 2016

Endocannabinoid signaling and vitamin D binding protein are important factors in autism pathology. tkadm30, Thu, 2nd Jun 2016

Is it reasonable to give antipsychotics medication as a autism treatment? tkadm30, Fri, 3rd Jun 2016

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