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Tue, 20th Jan 2015

Sleep: Are you getting enough?

Dr Jeffrey Iliff, Oregon Health and Science University

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Sleep is essential. It makes you feel better and gets rid of those dark circles under Handsyour eyes, but it's importance goes way beyond that. It's when our bodies repair damage, renew cells, balance hormones, clean out waste products and so much more. Beyond that, sleep also helps support several aspects of mental health, brain function, and long-term wellness. But what happens when you donít get enough shut eye? Jeffrey Iliff has been tackling this question at Oregon Health and Science University and told Kat Arney about the recent developments in his work...

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There will appear black rim of the eye, and it won't easily go away. In addition, I will be flagging the next day after the  short night.
diethyl, Thu, 22nd Jan 2015

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